580 George lift modernisation

The lift modernisation will replace both the hardware and software of the existing lift system. There are three components to the lift modernisation project which includes the installation of a state-of-the-art Destination Control lift operating system, upgrading the building access and security system and renovating the lift cars. 

Destination control system

The implementation of the Destination Control system will eliminate over-crowding in the lobbies and offer faster travel time for you by reducing the number of stops the elevator makes.  This component of the project will go live late August 2016.

lift car renovation & Machinery upgrades

Each lift car and its associated mechanical elements will be entirely replaced. The project is scheduled to take two years and during this time one lift per rise will be taken out of service. Expected completion: Early 2019.

Building access system

The building access system upgrade will occur simultaneously with the destination control system. Once completed, the new access control system will allow for customers to move freely around the building with just one card.  Expected Completion: October 2016.

More information & Feedback

For more information on the lift modernisation as it happens, or to provide your feedback/queries to building management, log on to the MY.580GEORGE portal.





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If you have any enquiries about the current developments at 580 George please feel free to get in touch with the Management Team directly, who will be happy to be of assistance.